Anti-inflammatory + Antioxidant

There are millions of processes taking place in our bodies in combination with environmental factors that can lead to oxidative stress affecting our cells, immune system, and important detoxification processes. Our pioneering S-Acetyl-Glutathione 300 supplement contains an innovative, pure acetylated glutathione. Many of our bodies' processes rely on glutathione, and it has been scientifically researched as a successful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative in a variety of health related areas.

Includes 60 capsules.

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The Benefits

Protect your body against oxidative stress and inflammation

High dosed Acetylated Glutathione with higher bioavailability and increased stability

Unique 100% vegan-friendly formula

✓ Science-based products, underpinned with innovative knowledge

Free-from animal derived ingredients, aromas, flavours and synthetic fillers

Key Ingredients

Acetylated Glutathione

Glutathione is an important antioxidant with numerous functions in the body, helps the body to successfully combat oxidative stress. It can be made from our bodies mainly in the liver, but Glutathione demand may rise under different circumstances where a high quality supplement can be of use. Compared to other glutathione delivery methods such as liposomal or standardized varieties, our vegan-friendly Acetylated Glutathione offers higher bioavailability, faster absorption and improved stability. Pioneering the use of advanced Acetylated Glutathione means it can also be utilised in its purest form, without any additives and resulting in a powerful dose of 300 mg per capsule.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 contributes to normal function of the immune system, energy-yielding metabolism and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. It can also contribute to normal functioning of the nervous system and psychological function.


Selenium contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress and to the normal function of the immune system. Selenium is also considered essential for the functioning of different enzymes, specifically those helping glutathione to perform.

The MakeWell Promise

developed by doctors and nutritionists
compatible with antibiotics and disulfriam
developed in Germany
GMP compliant
no artificial colouring or flavours
no hidden ingredients
Lab controlled raw materials
lactose free
produced in FDA certified facilities
sugar free
wheat free

Nutritional Information

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