Herbal Range

Our signature supplement TBB+ blends potent plant extracts. This product is a vegan food supplement included in our innovative Herbal Range. Using our expert knowledge TBB+ was developed as one of our original formulas and the ingredients are 100% natural with many derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine.

Includes 120 capsules.

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The Benefits

Support your specific needs

Hypoallergenic, all natural formula, compatible with Antibiotics & Disulfiram

Unique 100% vegan-friendly, herbal ingredients

Science-based products, underpinned with innovative knowledge

Free-from animal derived ingredients, aromas, flavours and synthetic fillers

Please note we recommend consulting with your healthcare provider prior to taking this product.

Key Ingredients

Polyporus umbellatus Extract

Andrographis paniculata Extract

Artemisia annua Extract

The MakeWell Promise

developed by doctors and nutritionists
compatible with antibiotics and disulfriam
developed in Germany
GMP compliant
no artificial colouring or flavours
no hidden ingredients
Lab controlled raw materials
lactose free
produced in FDA certified facilities
sugar free
wheat free

Nutritional Information

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