Gut Health

Your microbiome is a unique and diverse community of inhabitants which need a healthy mucous membrane to thrive. Your microbiome includes many beneficial bacteria, but also yeasts which could potentially be harmful when not balanced correctly. Our CDA+ gut support supplement is a powerful blend of fifteen herbal ingredients designed to support your intestinal membranes with BioPerine®, Vitamin B3, B12 and Zinc.

Includes 180 capsules.

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The Benefits

Gut focused formula for the support of the mucous membrane

Contains fifteen high quality plant extracts and powders

Hypoallergenic herbal formula, compatible with Antibiotics & Disulfiram

✓ Science-based products, underpinned with innovative knowledge

Free-from animal derived ingredients, aromas, flavours and synthetic fillers

Key Ingredients

Vitamin B3 & Vitamin B12

Vitamin B3 contributes to the maintenance of normal mucous membranes, such as those that can be found in our intestinal tract. Their integrity is crucial for gut health and overall wellbeing. Vitamin B12 is a common vitamin deficiency for a large percentage of the population. It has numerous functions such as the contribution to a normal function of the immune system, the homocysteine and energy metabolisms as well as a role in cell division.


With added BioPerine®, a black pepper extract that contains 95% Piperine content. Piperine is the active substance of black pepper and has been researched as a Bioenhancer which can contribute to the absorption of ingredients and micronutrients.


Zinc contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress and has a role in the process of cell division. Zinc is also key in supporting your body as it contributes to the normal function of your immune system.

Coconut based Caprylic Acid (MCT Fats)

Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) are fatty acids with a shorter chain length than others, which enables them to be absorbed independently from bile acids. MCT fats have also been researched to establish their antimycotic properties in many health related areas including candida infections.

The MakeWell Promise

developed by doctors and nutritionists
compatible with antibiotics and disulfriam
developed in Germany
GMP compliant
no artificial colouring or flavours
no hidden ingredients
Lab controlled raw materials
lactose free
produced in FDA certified facilities
sugar free
wheat free

Nutritional Information

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